National Real Estate Advisors, Inc.  - real estate compliance advisors
  Florida Real Estate Rules and Regulations  
        Real Estate Compliance by the laws 

Noah's Ark Baby Blanket.jpg 1National Real Estate Advsiors, Inc a National
Independent Firm performs real estate office
inspections, audits, examinations and legal
advisory services for brokers, builders and 
developers exclusively .                                             
 We physically examine, inspect, audit, review and 
   evaluate company business records, trust funds, transaction files, 
   advertising copy, forms, internal systems, documentation, licenses
   registrations, signage, and risk management practices to determine
   compliance with local, state and federal regulations, Our experience
   and research developed exclusive cost effective programs that generate
   successful and profitable business operations..   
   Today's business demands and practices constantly change causing
   the industry to establish professional business standards and maintain
   a business format that meets current rules, regulations and codes as
   set forth by the real estate commission. 
   Unlike governmental investigators our Services provides Compliance
   Solutions for business . .in a friendly, helpful environment without
   fines or penalties, but rather giving Peace of Mind assurance.
   Applying corrective practices eliminates common risk management 
   issues, avoids damaging the brokerage business, personal assets,
   licensure or professional reputation.  

   Our menu of programs are flexible for either a single operator or
   multiple offices, independent, franchise, regional or national specializing
   in residential, commercial sales, rental, leasing or property management.
  Let us help . . .24/7  
         8946 Oldham Way, West Palm Beach, Florida 33412
         561-775-0005  fax 561-775-0030 - cell 561-310-3027
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